“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek

Nothing kills productivity or negatively affects your bottom line like an unmotivated dental team. For patients to love your brand, you need employees to do the same. Keeping employees motivated is extremely important to the success of your dental practice and plays an important role in them enjoying their job.

Without motivation, your patients will be affected.  It shows lack of caring by your team which could negatively impact the amount of dental patients you see, or even keep them from coming back altogether.  

Keep in mind that motivation can be quite contagious and majority of the time comes from the leader.  A good leader can show their employees how motivated and goal-oriented they are to building a successful dental practice and fulfilling workplace, and more than likely the team will follow suit.  

Is your dental team motivated?  Rev up your dental office and motivate employees with these 4 tips!

Talk about your goals.

Talk about your vision for your dental practice and what makes you passionate about achieving your goals.  When employees understand what motivates you to succeed and feels your passion, it will help them get behind something rather than feeling like a robot coming in each day to punch the clock and go through the motions.  The success of any business, including your dental practice, is built on energy, passion, enthusiasm, willingness to change and evolve, and effective business systems.  Take the time to celebrate when goals are met!

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Don\’92t micromanage.  

One common \’93de-motivator\’94 is micromanagement.  Instead, help team members grow their leadership skills.  There will be mistakes made.  Don\’92t smother them and always try to fix everything yourself.  Instead, teach them how to clean up their mistakes on their own.  You can be a great leader and boss without micromanaging.  

Show respect.

Give your employees the respect that they deserve to ensure that the entire dental team is happy and most importantly, motivated in the office.  How can you show respect?  Acknowledge the good work that they accomplish every day and show them that they are truly appreciated.  We all love feeling respected and getting compliments.   Listen–genuinely listen–to team members.  If an employee feels that their worries are being ignored, they can feel resentful and demotivated.  Dismissing concerns or failing to listen at all is a surefire way to drain enthusiasm.  Be visible, approachable, respectful and open with information.  When you show respect and that you are grateful, employee motivation will soar to great heights!

Success should be shared.

Sharing the success of your dental practice will definitely help to motivate employees.  Raises and bonuses could be used as effective motivators, but more often than not, non-monetary rewards, like verbal recognition or public praise can be even more motivating.  It\’92s important to understand your team as individuals as motivators vary from person to person. Schedule regular performance reviews and offer incentives for when your practice does well.  If your dental team brings in new patients, reward them!

It takes passion and motivation on your own part to motivate employees in your dental office, but it is critical for success\’97the success of your dental practice and also the success of your team members.  

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