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There are some days at the dental office that can leave the entire team exhausted, breathless and stressed.  There are an endless number of to-dos to be taken care of on a regular basis such as maintaining employee satisfaction, keeping dental chairs filled, supplies stocked and eliminating patient no-shows.

Increase Dental Office Efficiency with These 3 Remedies for Stress

Outsource Your Dental Recall Services

Having an effective recall system is extremely important to your dental practice; it is also a service that is beneficial to outsource. Recall duties are often assigned to office staff who don’t have enough time or training to get the best results which can result in a team that is completely stressed out.  Outsourcing your dental recall services with Patient Focus can help to increase your practice profitability and your overall revenues.  Patient Focus understands that doing recall right is what sustains a practice.  If you want to reach your overdue patients, zap stress, and maximize all your revenues, contact Patient Focus today for the solution you’ve been looking for.

Tweak Your Time Management

When you feel that stress start to build, take a step back and review your dental practice.  Are you constantly running behind schedule?  Is your dental team always frazzled and do stress levels always seem to escalate?  Try these effective time management strategies to lower stress in the dental office.   Take the time to learn and master the art of prioritization, delegation, assertiveness and decision making.


Exercise helps to lower stress levels significantly.  One of the best remedies for stress out there, exercise burns up the excess adrenaline caused by stress, allowing the body to return to a steady state.  Try to exercise at least 4-5 times a week and you will start seeing a decrease in your stress levels.  Exercise will increase energy and efficiency and release endorphins, which provide the feel good factor to help you be nicer to your dental patients and team!

While stress cannot be completely eliminated from a dental practice, it is important to minimize it  as much as possible and to avoid the many stress-related physical and emotional problems that it causes.  Use these remedies for stress to avoid the negative effects of stress.

Don’t let dental recall add more stress to your plate.  Take the stress out of your dental recall and schedule a consultation with Patient Focus.  Patient Focus will simplify and streamline your efforts to grow your dental practice in just 3 simple steps!