One of the most critical elements of any dental practice is making sure you provide the ultimate positive dental patient experience\’97each and every single time.  One of the key components of a killer patient experience is making sure your dental receptionist is an exceptional one.  

The dental receptionist is most always the first person your patients interact with in person or over the phone.  They provide the first impression of your dental office and we all know how critical that first impression can be.   

Make sure you are looking for these 4 important traits and skills when setting out to hire your one-of-a-kind dental receptionist.  

They are friendly.  

Most people hate going to the dentist.  It\’92s a nerve-wracking and scary experience, but a friendly face at the reception desk can work wonders to calm any nerves.  One of the most important traits a dental receptionist can possess is to have a warm, comforting and friendly personality.  

They are organized.  

A great dental receptionist is organized to the max!  One way to see if they are organized is during the interview. Did they bring something to write with and do they take notes during the interview?  Do they ask lots of questions?  Did they review your website or other information? Taking and utilizing detailed notes and to-do lists are very helpful practices used by top receptionists. Organization is important to schedule appointments, keep track of patients and when they are due for a follow-up appointment and to deal with insurance claims.   Falling behind on any of these can really do some harm to the productivity and even profits of a dentist office.  

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They communicate well.  

Another important skill an amazing dental receptionist should possess is being able to communicate well. Strong written and verbal communication skills are equally important for this position.  A dental receptionist will communicate with the dentist, most, if not all, of the dental team, vendors, partners, patients and insurance companies.  The ability to speak well and effectively convey information clearly is vital.  Another vitally important communication skill is the ability to listen well, and to be able to understand and respond to patient needs and requests.  

They are flexible.  

A dental receptionist will be handling a wide range of tasks and dealing with many different people.  Being flexible and quick to adapt to new situations is important.  Someone who doesn\’92t get flustered in a busy dental office will do well in this position.  

We hope these tips help you find your best dental receptionist ever!  

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