It’s easy to fall into the rut and routine of your daily to-dos and tasks in a dental office.  But have you have stopped to think—really think!—about what dental patients are looking for? We recommend you do, as it could be the key to your continued success.

Here are 3 of the most important things your dental patients are looking for in a dental practice.

An Honest Conversation About Cost

It’s no mystery that most dental work is expensive.  According to a study done by 1 800 Dentist, a resounding 91% of patients said they are more likely to continue patronizing dentists who engage in an honest and clear conversation about costs.

One of the biggest obstacles dental patients face is finding a dentist who is willing to openly discuss dental fees upfront.  Dentistry HQ has some helpful tips on how to be open and upfront with your dental fees:

  • Before discussing the price with your dental patients, communicate the long-term value
  • Always discuss cost upfront and before starting any treatment
  • Establish trust first, then expand the conversation to include a dental treatment plan that is in their best interest
  • Offer different treatment options and costs

Friendly Staff

Observe how your staff interacts with your dental patients. These interactions  truly will set the tone for the entire visit.  Something as painless as a cleaning can be insanely stressful to dental patients.  An honest smile, friendly banter and genuinely listening to them can quickly dispel any stress and put their minds at ease.  The easiest way to keep them coming back is to make them feel comfortable and important.  Looking to hire dental staff?  Here are three things to look for to ensure your staff fits the friendly bill:

  1. Positivity-a positive attitude goes a long way in the dental practice
  2. Someone who is patient, energetic and outgoing will help ease patient’s stress about going to the dentist
  3. Someone who smiles easily and is approachable and welcoming

A Social Media Presence

You do not need to have 20 social media sites for you or your dental practice, but having an online presence will go a long way with potential and current dental patients.  When searching for a new dentist, a patient’s initial instinct is to type in the name of a practice or dentist into a search engine and hit ‘enter’.  Aside from a clean, up-to-date website, they are looking for an active presence on social media—where they can see happy patients, photos of the dental team, how many followers there are and comments.  Maintaining an active social media page will give you an opportunity to showcase happy client testimonials, engage with prospects, answer questions and build trust and credibility.

Whether your potential dental patients are searching high and low for a warm smile or a social media presence, following these 3 tips can help ensure you cover all of your bases and bring more dental patients into your practice!

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