Dental practices face many common challenges including how to be more efficient clinically, how to reduce their overhead, how to motivate the team and how to get more patients.    You may be constantly searching for solutions but may be overlooking the most impactful and obvious piece of your practice:  the dental team that you are working with every single day.  

Your Dental Team Is the Most Important Asset In Your Practice

Take a moment to consider how every system, every interaction and procedure involves and relies on your dental team.  A motivated and well-trained team will work together to consistently provide high-quality and exceptional patient care while increasing efficiency in the practice.  

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It\’92s critical to instill and develop a sense of teamwork, to be motivated to work hard every day. In addition, creating a sense of investment and satisfaction with their job to stay committed to work with you for years to come\’97keeping the turnover rate low.  A great team is made up of people who have a deep understanding of how their daily contributions are part of a larger purpose.  \’91That\’92s not my job\’92 is never a part of their thinking and it is understood that everyone\’92s role is to contribute to the success of the dental practice.  

Here are a few quick tips to creating the dynamic and effective dental team that your practice deserves:

  • Thoroughly train your team on all systems in your dental clinic
  • Document the step-by-step process for each of your practice systems to serve as your foundation to build a successful team
  • Motivate team members with performance reviews
  • Keep your dental team up to speed with anything new
  • Set measurable goals and communicate to the entire team

Providing the most positive dental experience takes a team.  Having the right dental team in place can have a huge impact on your dental practice.  Make sure your team is great for the straightest road to dental practice success.  

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