The average dental practice loses 15-20% of their dental patients every single year.  Why are you losing these patients?  What is happening to your dental patients and where are they going?  It\’92s important to uncover the why – to get to the root of the issue – to effectively take action and do something about it.  

Like most business owners, dentists can have various blind-spots when it comes to weaknesses in their practice.  Stop simply wondering why your dental patients aren\’92t returning and start uncovering the real reasons.  

Here are 3 of the most common reasons why dental patients walk out the door and don\’92t come back.  

Unbearably long wait times

Time is important to everyone.  And that includes your dental patients.  There is nothing worse than sitting in the reception area just watching the clock tick away slowing waiting for your name to be called.  You expect your patients to be in your practice on time, and your dental patients have the same expectation of you.  Your staff should schedule realistic appointment times and remember to avoid double booking patients.  Of course there can be unexpected delays or emergencies that pop up causing a delay in wait time.  If that is the case, make sure that the dental team clearly communicates to the patient. The pain in waiting often comes from the unknown. You\’92ve most likely experienced this feeling while sitting in traffic–not knowing what caused the traffic jam can drive you crazy!  And the moment you\’92re aware of what the issue is, it immediately reassures you that it will soon come to an end.  Then the wait doesn\’92t seem quite as unbearable!  If there is a wait, simply communicating with the patient as to why and how long that wait will be can work wonders in building trust and making them feel valued.

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You don\’92t ACT like you care  

While we know you appreciate and care about your patients (you wouldn\’92t be in business if it weren\’92t for them!), it\’92s all-too common for dental patients to think that you don\’92t truly care about them personally.  Since it\’92s incredibly easy to get caught up in the clinical side of what you\’92re doing, it also becomes incredibly easy to forget to take a moment to pause and pay proper attention to the patient.  Let them understand that you are there for them and do what you can to ease their fear and discomfort when at all possible.  No one likes feeling like they\’92re just another number.  

Your staff is unfriendly

Having a friendly and helpful dental team is critical to patient satisfaction and retention.  It will be easy for dental patients to jump ship if they don\’92t feel welcome and respected.  Train the entire team to greet every single patient by name and always welcome them with a smile. Ensure everyone on your team knows how important their role is in patient retention, and the impact they can have in making your patients\’92 day. When dental patients feel valued and comfortable, they are much more likely to return.  

A successful dental practice makes their highest priority providing exceptional patient care.  Getting new dental patients is tough enough.  It will be well worth the effort to keep them!

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